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You don’t have to paint your walls to give your home a fresh and colorful look. Painting can be a hassle and a costly project, and you might regret it if you don’t like the outcome. Luckily, there are other ways to brighten up your home with some pops of color. Here are 7 amazing ways to add color to your home without using any paint. Plus, you can do these changes for much less than a professional paint job, and you can change them as often as you want.

  1. Wall Decorations Your walls don’t have to be boring just because you’re not painting them. You can add a lot of color by using wall decorations. Find a big, colorful wall painting that fills up a lot of space on a blank wall. Hang a wall tapestry, or even use temporary wallpaper to create an accent wall. These alternatives not only add color and pop to your décor but also create an interesting focal point for the room.
  2. Furniture Accents If you don’t want to buy brightly colored furniture, use furniture accents to add color to your décor. Use a combination of soft tones and vibrant colors to create a unique look. There are many accents to mix and match such as throws, pillows, and blankets. In fact, many professionals recommend mixing and matching patterns and colors to create a lively color scheme. The best part? You can change these furniture accents as the seasons change without the trouble of painting.
  3. Table Accents Along with the ideas above, table accents and other inspiration pieces can help to create flow. Think about how the colors will work together. Look for accents such as vases, picture frames, and other knickknacks that will add a pop of color without the commitment.
  4. Floor Decorations There is little risk and a lot of rewards for using floor decorations to add color to your home interiors. If you have a neutral-colored couch, adding a bright area rug can complement your neutral furniture beautifully. Use multiple rugs in addition to the area rug to really spice up the space and add dimension.
  5. Window Decorations Your window treatments have a huge impact on the way that your rooms feel. Whether it is how much (or how little) light gets in or how big or small your windows are, getting creative with your window decorations is an excellent way to add color and texture to your home.
  6. Colorful Furniture Maybe you don’t want a bright red couch in your living room, but how about a bright red armchair? Using strategically placed colorful furniture pieces will brighten up any room. Even if the rest of your furniture is neutral, these colorful pieces will improve the overall aesthetic of the room. You can achieve this same look with textured and patterned pieces.
  7. Plants and Flowers Often overlooked inside the home are fresh plants and flowers that add dimension and liveliness throughout your space. A simple vase of fresh flowers on the kitchen counter or a potted palm in the corner of the living room can make a huge difference in the diversity of color in your home. These are just a few of the many ways to add a pop of color to your home. What are some of the ways you’ve avoided painting in the past? Keep in mind that these are also great suggestions if you’re thinking about selling your home and want to create a beautifully staged canvas for potential buyers.