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If you decide to up the security in your home, you should know the proper way to place and angle cameras. How you set up the cameras is crucial to the safety of your home. Proper placement can catch details of possible crimes in your area or even keep crimes from occurring.

Before you begin placing cameras, think about your surveillance needs. The best place to have a camera is totally up to you. No one knows your home as you do. What part of your home are you most concerned about. If someone has previously broken into your home, where did they get in? Are there spots on the property not visible to the street or your neighbors? Are there any laws in your area on camera placement?

Consider the usual entry points for potential thieves. Knowing the most common routes of entry can make it easier for you. Over 80% of burglars come into a home through the first floor. It is vital to keep the entirety of your entryways covered. Make sure the cameras are out of reach so that they remain purposeful.

If you cannot find any safe places for cameras, consider getting protective caging so the camera cannot be knocked out. It would be best to think about what tools and equipment you will need for installation.

Think about placing fake cameras in plain sight to deter criminals from taking your cameras and leaving you with no proof. Fake cameras that are easily viewed will keep your house safe. They are relatively cheap, so it is better off than your real ones if they do get stolen! Potential criminals will see them and know that they shouldn’t attempt.

In the end, poorly placed cameras will offer better home security than not having any. Knowing how to place your defensive line can help you stay safe before and after any crime. Knowledge is the best weapon!